Comeback Kid – Kevin Call verlässt die Band

Der Bassist Kevin Call der kanadischen Melodic Hardcore Band Comeback Kid gab vor einer Woche bekannt, dass er die Band nach der aktuell laufenden Tour verlassen wird.

Hier die gesamte Nachricht von Kevin Call zu seinem Ausstieg bei CBK:

Well friends, the time has come for yet another member of the CBK crew to say goodbye. Currently, Comeback Kid are about to play Berlin on what will be my last tour with the band. Life has called on me to go in a different direction – one that no longer involves playing bass guitar in Comeback Kid. These past few years with this band have been the best years of my life. I’ve seen some amazing places, made some amazing friendships all over the world, and have grown so much as a result of playing in this band. I thank Andrew, Kyle, Jeremy, Scott, and Casey for giving me the privlege of creating music and performing worldwide with them. I also thank every person who has ever played a part in this band – whether you did a stage dive, bought a record, or put forth effort to make Comeback Kid the band it is today. I wish the rest of the dudes the best of luck. We will be playing what will be my last shows in mid-December, including a show in my hometown of Minneapolis. So keep an eye out for those. Thanks. See you around.Kevin Call

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