Comeback Kid – in Montreal bestohlen

Der Van samt Anhänger und Inhalt der Melodic Hardcore Band Comeback Kid, wurde am Morgen des 23.Oktober 2008 in Montreal gestohlen. Im Fahrzeug befand sich unter anderem mehrere Kisten mit Merchandise, Bühnen Equipment und persönliche Gegenstände der Band. Die Band gab in einem Statement bekannt das sie dennoch die Aktuell laufende Tour fortsetzen wollen.

Statement der Band:

„On the morning of October 23rd our van and trailer, containing all of our merchandise, gear and some personal belongings was stolen in Montreal. We’re currently working with police and the powers that be to see what can be done, but as of right now it looks like everything vanished into thin air. We WILL be finishing the rest of this tour and all the rest of the dates we have booked for 2008 and beyond.

It’s been a nightmare but everyone is in really high spirits and we can’t say ‚thank you‘ enough to everyone involved with this tour. There was never a thought of missing a show and that was largely made possible by our brothers in Gravemaker, Outbreak, Shai Hulud, Bane and Misery Signals. When we were left with literally nothing but the clothes we were wearing at the time, there was wasn’t a second of hesitation in any of the other bands to lend us gear and clothing.

This has been an amazing tour to be a part of and we’re excited to finish it. We’re not taking any donations or anything but appreciate your support. We’d like to remind everyone that Grave Maker suffered a serious van accident at the beginning of this tour, and any support financial or otherwise that can be sent their way would be seriously appreciated by everyone in the CBK camp.

Thanks also to all of our friends and family that have sent words of encouragement. We’ll see you all for the remainder of the shows.“

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