The Early November – Goodbye an alle Fans

Die Alternative/Indie Rock Band „The Early November“ werden sich wie schon berichtet vorerst Verabschieden, aus diesem grund sagte sie nun ein paar abschließende Worte an alle Fans:

Thanks for the Memories, We’ll All Miss Youthis may be the last newsletter we send out. thank you all so so very much for everything. you guys gave us something really special to remember forever and we always want you all to know how much that means to us. no matter how old we get we can always think back to these past 6 years and feel like we really did something great with our lives. i feel weird calling people fans… so thank you all so much for being such great friends.

as you know we have our official last show coming up at bamboozle. we’ve played the bamboozle festival before but only the first year. we’ve never played at the medowlands. from what i hear, it’s going to be a huge production to say the least. most of us plan to stick around and enjoy the festival, so we’ll definately see you around.

as for what lies ahead for us… most of us will go back to the life we’ve never really had before. we’ll go on to get regular jobs and see what else is out there. it’s exciting, awkward, and scary all at the same time but that’s life.

as far as music goes… we’ll always do our own thing. ace started his own record label (Regular Music) and has some really great releases coming out that i’m looking forward to. i started another band (Grace Period) and i’m going to hit the studio in may with that. we’re keeping ourselves happy and doing what we want to do. you can’t really ask for anything else.

to everyone who’s supported this band and shared something special with us, thank you. thank you so much.

– jeff and the early november.

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