Scars Of Tomorrow – geben Trennung bekannt

Die bekannte Metalcore Bands aus Orange County Scars Of Tomorrow hat überraschend die Auflösung der Band bekanntgegeben. Nach der anstehenden Tour durch die USA wird die Band sich auflösen, man werde sich jedoch in naher Zukunft in neuen Konstellationen zurückmelden. Ein kleiner Auszug aus einem Statement der Band dazu: „Die Zeit für Scars Of Tomorrow ist vorbei. Wir werden uns jetzt neuen Herausforderungen stellen. Wir wollen etwas Neues und Frisches starten und werden bald wieder in neuer form zurückkehren.“

Hier das vollständige Statement:

„In 1999 I joined this band without even knowing the amazing things that would happen to me over the last few years .We have had so many ups and downs throughout the years but one thing I can say for sure is that these days have been some of the greatest things in life I have ever been able to experience. We have had the opportunity to play with some of the greatest bands around and thank every single person that has helped us out since the beginning. I want to give a big thank you to Alex and his dudes in Atreyu for helping us get signed and bringing us on the raddest tour ever. You have been a huge help and inspiration to SOT and I am forever in debt to you. I also want to say thanks to Brandon BT you’ve always showed me the way and how to fight and never give up at this and I thank you for that. We have also had the opportunity to grow up in a exploding scene at the same time as Atreyu, 18 visions, Throwdown, Bleeding Through, Adamantium, and was always honored sharing the stage with these bands.

I want to thank every member this band has ever had. I could go on forever about each and every one of you about how greatly you have affected my life but its something id rather save for in person. Im going to love you all forever.

In September 05 the band was hit with a hard blow and the remaining original members of the band besides myself left and were ready to start the rest of there lives. I fully respected there decision but I didn’t feel that the chapter of scars of tomorrow was finished yet. In 2 weeks time I had new people on the road with me and my good friends in bury your dead let us stay on the tour even though the band was dealt such a huge blow. Since then I was able to make the band strong again with the help of Joey, Cuzzi, Kevin, and Justin . In this time we have toured with bands such as Soulfly, Hatebreed, 36 crazy fists, and have traveled to Europe 2 times with amazing shows each time. Im never going to be able to thank people enough for staying strong with the band and standing by our side throughout everything.

I also want to say thank you to Tony and everyone at victory for standing behind the band 200 percent. They saw hope were others doubted and we released another record with them called “The failure in drowning.??? The response of the new material was very gratifying and im excited of the future this new lineup has.

We believe though the time of SOT is finished and are going to be moving on to a new endeavor. The current lineup of sot are all on the same page but we want to start something fresh and new and will re emerge in the near future.

If you want to see scars for the last time we have lined up a bunch of west coast shows in April and will be doing our final show on may 5th at the showcase theatre.

See you all soon and thanks for your everything.“

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