Planes Mistaken for Stars – Bass wieder da

Der Post-hardcore Band Planes Mistaken for Stars wurde anfang Mai bei der Tour mit AGAINST ME! vor einer Show ein Bass gestohlen. Nun ist das unwahrscheinliche wirklich geschehen, der Bass ist wieder im Band besitz.

Hier die offizielle Meldung der Band:

We found neil’s bass!!! Yes, it’s fucking true! A very kind taxi driver in s.f. Took a bass guitar from a man who coulndn’t pay his fare. He saw our add on craig’s list describing the bass. His name is mr.steve webb. He drives for big dog city taxi, cab number 804. He fucken rules!!!! If you need a ride in s.f., I highly reccommend you call big dog city taxi, and request him. He’s fucking amazing!! We love him!!! Thanks to everyone who offered us money for a new bass, offered their own bass, and especially everyone who took time to look for our missing baby. You all fucking rule! Makes re-affirms my faith in humanity! Thanks friends!

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