Light This City – Zurück ins Studio

Die 2002 gegründete Metal-Band Light This City aus San Francisco, ist wieder im Studio, um ihr 4. Studio Album aufzunehmen.

Statement der Band:
New Album Update!

Holy Shit dudes! We are now back home safely in the Bay Area from one of the most intense tours ever! These two weeks with All That Remains and Chimaira across the US were amazing, and by far the biggest shows we have ever played. Thanks so much to all of the bands and people behind the scenes that made this tour such a success. There are tons of new pictures from the tour in the pictures section of our Myspace site. Go check those out and leave some comments!

Now on to what you really want to hear! We have been in the studio in Oakland, CA with engineer Zack Ohren tracking the follow up to „Facing the Thousand“, which should see a release date in September. We couldn’t be more excited on how these new songs have turned out, and we are SURE that you guys will love them. We have posted our 1st of 4 Studio Journals on Youtube, so check it out by clicking the link below!Stay tuned for more info on the album as well as more video journals as the recording progresses

Light This City- Studio Journal 1

Lastly, we have added „Like Every Song’s Our Last“ onto the player on the myspace page. Go give it some listens and thrash out in your room! We will be playing the song on the next tour, which will be announced shortly, so stay tuned! „

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