Jim Ward – Solo EP

Jim Ward, Sänger und Gitarrist der Post-Hardcore Band Sparta gab nun bekannt das er am 06.November sein Solo Debüt veröffentlichen wird. Die EP mit dem Titel „Quiet“ wird bei seinem Label Civil Defense League erscheinen. Wer sich vorab ein kleinen eindruck über die Acoustic scheibe machen möchte kann dies auf dem MySpace Profile von Jim Ward tun.

Hier Sein Statement zur EP:

After coming home from a long tour with my band, Sparta, I wanted to sit in my house and play acoustic guitar quietly. The tour had been loud and chaotic and I was simply trying to level out. I liked how things were sounding, so I began recording them in my studio.

These 5 songs are the beginning of what I hope will be an on going series of recordings, hopefully adding more and more friends to the fold. This volume has a few friends of mine adding some goodness.

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