In Flames – A Sense of Purpose

Am 01.April 2008 erscheint das Neunte Studioalbum der Melodic-Death-Metal Band InFlames. Das Album „A Sense of Purpose“ erscheint in Europa bei Nuclear Blast.

In Flames - A Sense of Purpose


  1. The Mirror’s Truth
  2. Disconnected
  3. Sleepless Again
  4. Alias
  5. I’m the Highway
  6. Delight and Angers
  7. Move Through Me
  8. The Chosen Pessimist
  9. Sober and Irrelevant
  10. Condemned
  11. Drenched In Fear
  12. March To The Shore
  13. Eraser
  14. Tilt
  15. Abnegation

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