HORSE The Band – Riesen Touren in Planung

Die Nintendocore Band HORSE The Band gab bekannt, dass sie eine große Tour durch 40 Länder planen.
Termine stehen bislang noch keine offiziell fest, es halten sich dennoch die Gerüchte das HORSE The Band dieses Jahr beim Groezrock Festival in Belgien auftreten sollen.

Hier das Statement der Band zu ihren Plänen:

We are currently planning a 40-country tour of Earth. We are booking the tour by ourselves, and going by ourselves because everyone is scared of us and no one will let us play their tours because we are too wild and crazy.In addition, no booking agencies will book shows for us on foreign soil because we have no „tour history on the books“ or „soundscans“ or „albums in stores“. It is time to once again take matters into our own hands, go off the beaten track, and show the music industry that they don’t matter anymore because of the INTERNET.

We hope to be an inspiration to all young bands with honest dreams and the willingness to say „FUCK IT“ to the shitty, boring, timid, sterile conventions that have slimed their way into our scene with the recent commercialization and homogenization of underground music. We will be producing a TV show/movie about recklessly circling the globe playing volatile shows, eating weird new foods, meeting new races and species, seeing the marvels of nature and man, narrowly escaping tragedy (or not escaping it), all while teetering on the brink of alcoholism and mental illness and sharing the language of music that unites us all!

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