He Is Legend – neue Demos online

Die Post-Hardcore/Southern Rock Band He Is Legend, hat auf ihrer MySpace Seite vier neue Demo Songs veröffentlicht. Die Lieder „Stranger Danger„, „Don’t Touch That Dial„, „Everyone I Know Has Fangs“ und „Decisions Decisions Decisions“ könnt ihr euch hier anhören.

Sänger Schulyar Croom gab das folgende Statement zu den Demos:

I’ve been battling with the best way to explain our recording process to all of you. It is important for us to express to you how incredible we feel about these new songs and still not come off like a bunch of blow-hards. Maybe your expecting stories about the „magic in the air“, or „the feeling of the vibe.“ Maybe you want to hear about all our rock star friends dropping by with Filipino models and big black suitcases full of goodies smuggled in from far away fairytale lands. No no, there was none of that madness I can assure you. But you bet your ass that before Steve’s first „BOOM-RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT“, we had already put in our first order for Chicken Wings. Yes my friends, if Warrior Sound is „where the magic happens“, then Wingman in Carborro Plaza is „why it happens.

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