Hatesphere – Gitarrist zum Weggang von Bredahl

Wie schon berichtert hat der Hatesphere Sänger/Frontmann Jacob Bredahl die Band nun verlassen, jetzt äußerte sich Gitarrist Peter Lyse Hansen zum Weggang von Bredahl.

Hier das Statement:

Jacob just didn’t want it no more. He was tired of playing in HATESPHERE. Just tired. I’ve known about it for a little while – but, of course, it came as a big shock to me when I heard at first. It was something I just had to accept. I was still hoping that he would chance his mind, but that just didn’t happen! Then when a tour [with DIMMU BORGIR and AMON AMARTH] was in trouble [due to ‚unanticipated, economical circumstances‘], he pulled the plug a bit sudden.

Just to get the rumors straight: Steve Smyth [ex-TESTAMENT, NEVERMORE] was considered before Jakob Nyman to replace Heinz on guitar, but when he showed up, two days before the tour, he hadn’t rehearsed enough. Luckily for us we’ve had some shows with Jakob before, and he was able to jump right in – only 12 hours in advance.

We are currently looking forward to Danish shows announced in November/December (especially a show like Danish Metal Awards).

We don’t have our eyes on a certain replacement [singer], but we have a lot of [vocalists] in mind.

Some fans are already complaining of the GUNS N‘ ROSES factor – ‚Why don’t you just dissolve HATESPHERE and start a new band?‘ Isn’t that where you are right now anyway? No, I don’t think of it that way. If the new guys where just stand-ins then maybe – but they’re not! We have already been playing a lot of concerts together and for me; we are HATESPHERE now! If I didn’t feel like that – I wouldn’t continue with the band.

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