Emarosa – hatten einen Unfall

Die fünfköpfige Screamo/Post-Hardcore Band Emarosa war nun in einen Unfall verwickelt, ihnen ist zum Glück nichts passiert nur den Tour-Trailer hat es erwischt, darum bitten sie nun ihre Fans um Hilfe.

Hier die Nachricht der Band:

Today on our way to Conerstone, we got in an accident. A tire on our trailer blew causing us to lose control of our van on the interstate, swerving us back and forth until we flew off the road into a ditch. Our trailer ripped off the hitch and was dragged down the interstate on its side by the chains holding it to our van until it hit the dirt and rolled itself back over.

Our trailer is damaged beyond repair, to the point that it has been rendered useless, and some equipment has also been damaged. Thankfully we are all safe and our van is in good condition.

We have just left for tour and still have many dates ahead of us. We are in great need of a new trailer, so that we may carry on with tour and continue to play the music we love to play.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, you will find a link on our page to a paypal account, any help means the world to us.

Thank you all,
drive safe
– Emarosa

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