Drop Dead, Gorgeous – Worse Than a Fairy Tale

Heute kommt das neue Drop Dead, Gorgeous Album „Worse Than A Fairy tale“ in die läden, das Album erscheint via Suretone Records.

Das Album Cover:
Worse Than a Fairy Tale

Die Tracklist:

  1. Red or White Wine?
  2. Drawing the Devil
  3. The Pleasure to End All Pleasures
  4. Worse Than A Fairy Tale
  5. They’ll Never Get Me (Word With You)
  6. It Sounded Like An Accident
  7. 45223
  8. It’s Pretty Hard to Beat the King
  9. Donner, Party of Five
  10. Saylor Lake
  11. Bye Bye Blues (The Whole West Coast is Ruined)
  12. I Want to Master Life and Death

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