Calico System – breaking up

Die 1998 gegründete Metalcore Band Calico System aus St. Louis (Missouri) hat nun einen Blog Beitrag bei MySpace veröffentlicht indem sie die Auflösung der Band bekanntgegeben haben.

Hier der Beitrag der Band:

This will be old news to some and a surprise to others but yes… CALICO SYSTEM IS BREAKING UP. Well there is no IS really, we already have. Reasons? You want reasons? I don´t have to explain myself to you!! But I´ll sum it up by saying that it just didn´t make sense to remain a band anymore. Music rules, but the music BUSINESS sucks and had taken its toll on all of us. A FAREWELL TOUR WILL BE HAPPENING WITH HOPEFULLY SHAWN AND ERIK. I can´t say when or where yet, but it will happen. We hope to hit a handful of select cities possibly this fall to party with all our friends one last time. And to answer the most common email / comment questions we recieve… NO, you cannot find the cd anywhere. We´re not happy about it either (biting tongue…) because we´re really proud of the fucking thing! Good thing there´s internet downloading! And NO, we´re not playing whatever show you saw us listed on on some other band´s page or flyer or whatever. We have no upcoming shows. I can almost hear the applause from the kids on lambgoat…


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