Boysetsfire – Abschiedstour Statement

Die amerikanische Emocore-Band aus Newark (Delaware), Boysetsfire hat sich offiziell schon im Juli 2006 aufgelöst, dennoch steht nun im Mai eine Abschiedstour durch Europa an. Die Band gab nun folgendes Statement dazu ab:

„We had decided with heads held high to proudly kill what what we had created and to let it die with dignity, aplomb, and in good memory. Most specifically, it was a retirement party. Not a sad forced retirement but a happy one filled with nostalgia and contentment as we sit back and watch younger upstarts with mascara smeared countenances carry the torch we had lit over a decade ago. Would have worked out fine.

But then I fell. It hurt a lot. Still does. I missed the last tour so I think we all feel that the final chapter wasn’t quite pencilled in. So the rumors are true. We are doing one last tour in Europe to say a proper good-bye to all our friends in that great continent.“

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