Thursday – von Island zu Victory zurück?

Nachdem sich vor nicht allzu langer zeit die Band Thursday vom Major Label Island getrennt hat, gaben sie nun in einem Interview bekannt, das nun geplant ist eine Album mit Raritäten bei Victory zu veröffentlichen. Dies ist besonders verwunderlich da sich die Band 2003 nicht unbedingt in Frieden von Victory getrennt hatte. Nun schließt die Band nicht mal mehr aus, wieder ganz zu Victory zurückzukehren.

Sänger Geoff, sagte gegenüber von MTV folgendes:

We thought it would just confuse the f— out of everybody… The line of events that led us back to doing a release with Victory is so convoluted, but really kind of interesting. When we parted ways with Victory, we got our asses kicked. The lawyers killed us. Victory’s lawyers were so strong. So when we started having trouble with Island with certain things, and we were asking to be let go and they didn’t want to let us go — we actually got the lawyers that beat us up from Victory, because they were the fiercest we had ever encountered.

…When we were touring on the last record, I was like, ‚We’re f—ed — our career’s over. We’re not going to do anything interesting again. Everyone’s starting families. Maybe we’re just getting too old for this. Maybe 10 years will be a good mark to stop at… But at the same time, I felt we had been given such a good opportunity, and I wanted to deliver a few more albums that touched people, or at least try to.

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