This Is Hell – Unfall

Die amerikanische Hardcore Band „This Is Hell“ hatte vor kurzem einen Unfall mit ihrem Van in Vancouver, bei dem Unfall ist zum glück alles Klimpflich verlaufen und niemand wurde ernsthaft verletzt. Hier das Statement der Band:

It started freezing raining/snowing in Calgary. Roads were fine. By the time we got to Red Deer, the roads sucked balls. We hit some black ice or just a bad patch of shitty snow. One „holy shit holy shit holy shit“ later and the van spun out of control, fell onto its side and we slid into a ditch.

Everyone is fine, our new GPS stayed attached to the windshield and my 4 new wrestling figures are still in perfect condition. The van is drivable but pretty fucked. There is mud, ice and grass stuck to the drivers side which is also all dented to shit. We lost our side mirror and the trailor has completely shit the bed and now looks like a package of jiffy pop left on the stove too long only with a set of wheels.

Some of our gear is fucked. Most importantly, we are OK and aren’t canceling any shows. We made it to Edmonton for tonight’s show and have the day off tomorrow to try to sort some more shit out.

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