The Dillinger Escape Plan / Meshuggah – Tourabsage

Die The Dillinger Escape Plan/Meshuggah Tour durch Europa, die im November stattfinden sollte wurde nun überraschend ohne Nennung von Gründen abgesagt, ob sie nachgeholt wird ist bislang leider nicht bekannt. DEP gaben folgendes Statement zur Absage ab:

Due to circumstances not in our control, and I’ll leave it up to the other band on the tour to explain this one, The Dillinger Escape Plan/Meshuggah European tour in November WILL NOT be happening. If you bought tickets, contact whoever you bought them from for a refund. Again, if I started to comment on this right now it would probably not be good, so I’ll leave it up to them to do the explaining.
We were looking forward to this more than any of you can imagine and we are just as disappointed as anyone. HOWEVER, we ARE in the process of confirming a new great tour during the same time period, most likely in the same cities, and will announce it shortly. Stay tuned.

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