The Bled – Statement zum neuen Album

Die 2001 gegründete Hardcore Band The Bled aus Tucson (Arizona) wird im Herbst ein neues Album Namens „Silent Treatment“ via Vagrant Records veröffentlichen. Nun gab es ein kleines Statement der Band zu dem kommenden Album

The record is called Silent Treatment and will feature 11 new songs. I´m not gonna barage you with a bunch of adjectives and cliche descriptions of what it sounds like, but just know that we are more confident and excited to be in this band now because of this record. There was a time that I wasn´t sure if we knew how to write this kind of music anymore, but once we got started what came out was so natural and raw that we have been reinvigorated as friends and as artists. We are very proud and hope that you guys get into it as much as we are.

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