Strike Anywhere – Trennen sich vom Gitarristen

Die Melodic Hardcore/Punk Rock Band Strike Anywhere hat nun in ihrem MySpace Blog bekanntgegeben das sie sich nach der laufenden Australien und Neuseeland Tour vom Gitarrist Matt Sherwood trennen werden.

Das Statement dazu:

„The last show of the tour, St. Patrick’s Day here on the other side of the Earth, was also dear Matt Sherwood’s last show with our band, and it was glorious, somehow achieving a mood of reverence, ferocity, respect and drunken fun all at once. The assembled hundred or so Kiwis were intoxicated, but not nearly as dangerously enthusiastic ( legal party pills . .. ) as their Southern cousins in the previous three cities :Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. Today, we say goodbye to Auckland New Zealand, wandering the harbor, finding skateparks, and waiting to board a plane to take us back to the Western Hemisphere. This was Matt’s last tour with Strike Anywhere. He’s getting more stoked about staying in Penland with Aran, helping to maintain the Art School, and getting some free time back from the world stomping juggernaut that has become our little Richmond punk band. I don’t blame him, and his gracefulness at leaving, helping us brainstorm and find a replacement guitarist, and wishing us all well has been a living art form of a kind. As you can imagine, as one of my oldest friends, I will miss him in an intense way, but I understand that living this life can take a toll on relationships, the ‚ long view ‚ , and the natural diversity of pursuits that each of us need. Especially a ‚ Renaissance man with a Tinkerer’s heart ‚ like ‚ol Sherwood.

His contribution to this group, its spirit and origin, and to our lives in this mission cannot be accurately described, or overstated. He will be smiling at you all through the songs he helped to write and the good times shared in his eight years helping to build this band with his whole heart.“

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