Paramore – Keine Trennung

Nach der Europa-Tournee gab es um die US-Pop-Punk-Band Paramore viele Gerüchte die besagten das sich die Band wohl Auflösen wolle. Die Frontfrau Hayley Williams machte den Gerüchten in einem Interview mit ein ende. Paramore werden sich nicht trennen.

Hier ein auszug aus dem Interview:

We tried to be as honest as we could with it, without giving our life stories, and it definitely did come back to bite us, but in the end, it was the best thing for us to do, to communicate with our fans that we needed time. We needed time to come home and catch our breath,“ Williams said. „It’s been a long year, ever since Riot! came out, it’s just been nonstop. And that’s not to say that it hasn’t also been the time of our lives, but there comes a time when you really have to do something for yourself for once. And that’s what we had to do. We didn’t like canceling shows, but that’s what it took; to go home and kind of start over again.

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