Panic! at the Disco – wieder im Studio

Die aus den USA kommende Emo-Pop-Band Panic! at the Disco, die von vier High-School-Schülern gegründet wurde und im letzten Jahr mit ihrem Album „A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out“ sogar Platin Status erreichte hat sich nun wieder ins Studio zurückgezogen um ein neues Album aufzunehmen.

Das Statement der Band auf deren Webseite:

„I forgot how to use this thing it’s been so long.Guess you could say I’ve been hibernating for the past few months. I’ll be meeting up with everyone at the cabin in a few days to begin working on songs again. This record is going to be something very special to me, and I hope it is to all of you as well, I’ve got a few handfullsl of lyrics and a pinch of music started so far, should be interesting to see what happens.This is a love story.I’ve got a good feeling about this record, and we’re all very excited to be doing this again,plus it’s been a while since i’ve had some good s’mores.I’ll try to stay in touch a little better, but we don’t have internet out there in the wilderness…so we’ll see.“

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