No Use for a Name – Neue Informationen

Die 1987 gegründete Punkrock Band No Use for a Name (NUFAN) gab nun in einem Statement einige neue Informationen zu ihrem anstehenden Album bekannt, jedoch bislang weder Name des Albums noch ein genauen Veröffentlichungs Termin.

Hier das Statement:

We just finsihed practicing for the new record. We will practice some more in the next month or so. I have a bunch of songs now but I would still like to write a couple more. Everything is coming together well , just ironing out some kinks, getting the right rythyms down etc…I will blog more an more as we get closer to studio time. Then I will try to blog every day or so from the studio. Keeping checking back for record updates and blogs as we get closer and closer….talk to you soon, Tony

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  1. cello_mamoully Says:

    Thanks! No Use for a Name are fucking amazing

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