Matchbook Romance trennen sich

Nachdem schon im Dezember 2006 Ryan DePaolo (Gitarrist) die Band verlassen hatte, um eigene Interessen zu verfolgen gab nun am heutigen Tage die EMO- Band Matchbook Romance ihre Auflösung bekannt.

Today is a sad day. Because it is on this day that we, the members of Matchbook Romance, have decided to part ways and go on an indefinite hiatus. This was not at an easy decision for us to come to, as it seems it’s taken months for the words to even form on the tips of our tongues. Its a decision that we thought we would never have to make, but unfortunately, after 5 years its a decision that best suits our situations.

We’re going to miss all of our adoring fans, and friends that we’ve made on this adventure. We thank all of you for letting this thing we started into your hearts and for holding us in such high regard. We love all of your stories of traveling across the country just to see us play one show, and we love all the amazing gifts you guys have handcrafted for us personally. You will not be forgotten, and hopefully the music of Matchbook Romance won’t be either.

So yes, today is a sad day, but it is also a good one. This is our chance to leave on a good note and forge ahead in the world to see what else is out there. We hope you guys will understand, and we hope you will look forward to the next time you hear from us.

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