It Dies Today – Neues Album Anfang 2009

Die 2001 gegründete Metalcore-Band It Dies Today wird Ende Januar 2008 ein neues Album mit dem Titel „Lividity“ beim Label „Trustkill“ veröffentlichen.

Der Sänger Jason Wood äuserte sich wie folgt zum neuen Album:

“We’re really pumped about this new record! Lividity is a medical term (as I am a huge fan of ‘CSI’) that means when you die all your blood in your body settles, so where you’re lying is a bruise covering that part of your body. Metaphorically, for example, someone whose life is very stagnant or unmotivated. The common theme of the record is going to be character flaws, such as the song ‘Nihility’, (which is) about nihilism or absolute destructiveness. We’ve decided to record the album ourselves seeing as we have an amazing engineer (Mike Hatalak) in the band. The plus side to this is that we have endless time in the studio to perfect the record. Now I’m sure everyone who cares has heard the rumors of a heavy record, well, it’s true! We’re writing a lot more ‘Caitiff Choir’-like riffs and we’re working on a more raw and ballsy atmosphere for this record. Expect sincerity, passion, and FUCKING POWER!”

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