Hatesphere – suche nach neuem Sänger

Nachdem sich die dänische Death-Metal Band Hatesphere wie berichtet von ihrem Sänger Jacob Bredahl getrennt hat, geht nun die Suche nach einem würdigen Nachfolger los.

Hier der Aufruf der Band:

HATESPHERE has been touring extensively the last couple of years in Europe and has earned a reputation of one of the best live bands around. Therefore, we are not only searching for a vocalist who can sing and scream but also a frontman, with lots of live experience and the ability to handle both big and small audiences.
What we need from you is music and video material. The materials can be both e-mailed and mailed to us on the address mentioned below. Auditions will be held in Denmark, after looking through the received material.
If this has caught your attention, then contact the band on your MySpace profile or on mail pepe@hatesphere.com.Submissions can be sent to:

c/o Peter Lyse Hansen
Hallssti 41, 1. th.
8000 Aarhus C
DK Denmark

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