Hatesphere – Rausschmiss

Die dänische Trash/Deathmetal-Band Hatesphere trennten sich sowohl von Drummer Anders, als auch von ihrem Bassisten Mikael. Sänger und Frontmann Jacob Bredahl äußerte sich zu dem Ereignis :

“Now it is official: Anders (Gyldenøh; drums) and Mikael (Ehlert; bass) are no longer in the band. We played the last show with them this Tuesday — as support for mighty MEGADETH. We have known for a long time, that they would leave, so we kind of was getting used to it — but it still was a weird feeling playing that last show with them. And a great show it was! Anders and Mikael, thanks for all the good, the bad and the drunk times!
The madness will go on. The rumors about a split-up, and rumors about this and that, is a part of the game I guess. You know, people talk — people want to be a part of this thing, and then people start spreading lies about the whole situation and bla bla bla. We know the truth — and that’s enough for us. Who would ever believe the guy who beats up his girlfriend anyway?
We knew this would start all kinds of shit-talking. And especially now we are aware of it. So, what to say? Maybe go fuck yourself!
This band will continue as HATESPHERE. We have lots of new adventures in the future. Lots of great shows, festivals and so on. And so far we will continue with these two guys you see on the mugshot. On drums we got Dennis Buhl and on bass we got Mixen Lindberg.???


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