Fear My Thoughts – Wechsel in der Besetzung

Der Sänger (Mathias Benedikt von Ockl) der deutschen Metalcore-Band Fear My Thoughts hat nun die Band verlassen, als Ersatz für ihn ist nun Martin „Marsen“ Fischer neu in der Band.

Hier das Statement der Band:

As some of you guys already heard:Yes ,the rumours are true.Mathias left the band.No harm,no beef, no shittalking…after 10 years beeing in this band,he just felt he wants to concentrate more on his private life, his studies and of course his passion: Riding down a Black Forest-Mountain with his Downhill bike!We want to wish him all the best for the future.He will do the July and August-Shows with us til the Grand Finale-Show in Achern/Möhre on 7th of September.Be there and bid this fucker farewell!Our new Singer will be our good friend Martin „Marsen“ Fischer, known by many as the ultimate Rock n Roll Slut and Singer of Mongouse and Backslides!!!Welcome and Salute!!!

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