Dino Cazares – über Fear Factory und Divine Heresy

Der Ehemalige Fear Factory Gitarrist Dino Cazares hat sich nun zu einigen Aussagen über seine ehemaligen Fear Factory Kollegen und seiner neuen Band Divine Heresy hinreisen lassen, unter anderem sagte er hierbei das er der Meinung ist das die Kollegen von Fear Factory nicht mehr die Leidenschaft besäßen wie es früher der Fall gewesen sei.

Hier das Statement von Dino Cazares:

In the long run, I believe I came out the winner, and I feel that they have bastardized the name, and it’s a completely different band, different style,??? he said of the group, which is carrying on despite Cazares‘ departure in 2002. “I definitely carried the passion in that band, and my riffs, my style, they were very distinctive. I don’t regret anything I created in FEAR FACTORY whatsoever. It will be part of my memory for the rest of my life. I believe I am continuing the legacy and keeping this metal torch alive and bringing it back with DIVINE HERESY. You can feel the hunger and passion in DIVINE HERESY, which I believe FEAR FACTORY has been missing, and is still missing to this day.

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