Chasing Victory – Breaks up

Die aus Georgien kommende christliche Post-Hardcore Band Chasing Victory gab nun die trennung der Band bekannt. Auf der Myspace Seite von Chasing Victory war nun das folgende Statement zu lesen:

Chasing Victory has broken up. El Paso, May 2007 – We were sitting in our van discussing our goals as a band. Tired, hot, and burned out, we took a look at everything that was going on with us. We had just completed one of the most fun tours we had ever been on. We were on tour with two bands that we go way back with and have developed lifelong friendships with. Our equipment was finally at a point where we actually sounded decent from stage. We had a brand new album out that we were supporting. Everything should be just fine right? Well, the more we talked, the more it seemed that there was this unspoken tension amongst us. Not the type where someone is mad with someone else, but more of an uneasy feeling. Deep down, we had all lost our passion. Someone somewhere along the line just finally spoke up about this feeling that we all shared. Everyone quickly agreed. It seemed so abrupt, so non thought out that we did not know what was happening. Ultimately, it was there that we decided that we wanted to do something else with our lives.

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