Burning Skies – Aufnahmen zum neuen Album

Die aus Bristol (England) kommende Deathcore Band Burning Skies wird im Dezember nach Deutschland kommen um hier in den „Rape Of Harmonies“ Studio (in Triptis, thüringischen Saale-Orla-Kreis) Ihr neues Album aufzunehmen.

Hier das Statement der Band:

We will be entering Rape Of Harmonies studios in Germany on the 10th of December to record the follow up to „Desolation“. The new songs are faster and harder than anything we’ve written before so don’t be surprised if you suffer from „exploding head syndrome“. If you do some paracetamol and a band-aid ought to sort you right out.

Also, i’ve heard rumours of people saying that we are prejudice in one way or another!?!?!? I thought about writing some big ass paragraph defending ourselves but to be honest it’s your problem, not mine/ours. Whoever believes this bullshit….Read the lyrics to „Caught in the circle“, stop being a small minded fool and concentrate on being a good person and living your own life rather than passing judgement on other peoples.


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