At All Costs – geben trennung bekannt

Die amerikanische Hardcore/Metal Band At All Costs hat nun überraschend die Trennung bekannt gegeben und sowohl die aktuelle Tour als auch die Aufnahmen des Albums abgebrochen.

Hier das offizielle Statement:

These past two years have been the greatest of our lives, and so it is with a great deal of sadness we announce that At All Costs will be breaking up. What we had was pure: every show, every practice, every person we met, every place we played — It’s meant the world to each of us. Everything we have had has been more than we could ever ask for, and it was very difficult for us to come to terms with the idea of playing a last show. Our trumpet player Andrew felt that AAC was no longer the path he wanted to follow with his life, and the rest of us agreed that it would be best to finish the band on a positive note, with very much the same AAC with which we started…

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