As I Lay Dying – Album Titel bekannt gegeben

Das kommende Album der Christlichen Metalcore-Band „As I Lay Dying“ soll den Titel “An Ocean Between Us??? tragen. Das Album soll im Spätsommer 2007 erscheinen und wird von „Adam Dutkiewicz“ dem Schlagzeuger von „Killswitch Engage“ produziert. As I Lay Dying Gitarrist „Nick Hipa“ äußerte sich nun zum kommenden Release:

Collectively we´ve all pushed ourselves, and we´re all doing things that we weren´t even capable of doing on the last record. And on top of just experimenting and trying different things, I think we just wrote some pretty sick jams, so I´m happy with it. That´s all I can say. For kids who like our band and think they know what to expect from us, it might throw them off a little bit . . . I encourage anybody who likes our band to approach this album with an open mind.

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