Across Five Aprils – Das Ende

Die Metalcore/Hardcore Band Across Five Aprils (A5A) gaben nun offiziell ihre Auflösung bekannt. Nach über 7 Jahren Bad Geschichte verkünteten die fünf Herren aus Tennessee (USA) auf MySpace in form eines Blog Postings das Ende der Band.

Hier ein auszug aus dem Statement der Band:

„I could spend all day on here telling you why A5A is calling it quits but the simple truth is we’ve all just gotten to a point where we have chosen to move on,“ explains the band, „and we wouldn’t have changed our experience with A5A for anything in the world. A5A got to make some of our biggest dreams come true. We got to play with our favorite bands and we befriended our heroes and had the times of our lives.“

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